• Driving in Inclement Weather


    The weather can be unpredictable at times, changing at a moment’s notice and creating potentially hazardous driving conditions. If you are not properly prepared, these conditions can make driving dangerous for you and other motorists on the road. It’s important that you reduce your speed and increase your following distance for all types of inclement weather


    Snow and Ice:
    Remove all snow and ice from the windscreen, side windows, bonnet, roof, brake lights and headlights before departing.
    Begin braking sooner than you would on dry, clear roads.
    Do not attempt to overtake other vehicles.
    Avoid bridges and flyovers, if possible, as these tend to freeze first.
    Pack an emergency kit in case you get stuck in the snow.


    This should include the following:
    A shovel
    A windscreen scraper and a small broom
    A battery-powered radio
    A first-aid kit with a penknife
    Extra winter clothing, a pair of boots and heavy blankets
    Booster cables
    A fluorescent distress flag
    A torch