• Crash for Cash


    Crash for cash has become far more prominent over the past few years. Fraudster’s purposely cause a collision with other road users to try and profit from either their own or third-party insurance policies by means of false injury claims and exaggerated repair costs.

    This is having a massive detrimental effect on a lot of insurance policies, especially in inner-city areas.

    Crash for Cash is achieved by the car in front suddenly and unexpectedly braking for no apparent reason, resulting in the car behind impacting. Another popular method is using their front lights to flash a waiting car at a junction, thereby suggesting they are letting them out. They will then proceed to deliberately crash into the other car.

    Be wary of drivers who flash their lights at you, and never rely on them to slow down. Always use your own judgement to decide when it’s safe to pull out of a junction. You must also be cautious of fraudsters who disable their brake lights, making it a lot simpler for them to cause a collision.

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